Can I use the BR tool to back up directly using the PD node?

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Original topic: 直接使用pd节点,可以使用br工具备份吗

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.5.5
Application Scenario: JuiceFS file system stores metadata, data is written directly to PD. Checking the tidb-data data directory, the db directory occupies 5.1G, and the backup file size is 320K after directly backing up with the BR tool. Can this writing method be directly backed up using the BR tool?

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Now TiDB is being used in increasingly sophisticated ways.

BR is for backing up TiKV, not PD.

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Can’t understand, need to study :smiley:

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By directly connecting to PD and writing data into TiKV, of course, it is backing up TiKV. Scenario link: TiKV 最佳实践 | JuiceFS Document Center

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How about trying a full backup without specifying the database name?

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TiKV is only used to store JuiceFS metadata, so it shouldn’t be very large under normal circumstances.

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Is it being used as RAW KV?

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It should not support RAW KV.

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BR is a data backup tool, PD data is not TiKV data.

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Actually, there is a BR implementation specifically for Raw KV, but I’m not sure if it’s stable (though it feels like it should be a bit more stable than the original BR’s Raw KV mode…).