Can I use the minimum configuration for TiDB when storing historical data?

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Original topic: 我做历史数据存储tidb配置可以用最低配吗

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I want to store historical data from the cloud to the local data center, specifically data from one year ago. The cloud setup has 39TB, 30 KV storage servers with SSDs, all with 8 cores and 64GB of RAM.

Will the minimum configuration for storing historical data in the local data center have any impact? The data will only be historical, and we will manually check it occasionally if there are any issues.

Is this configuration sufficient? All are mechanical hard drives:

  • 1 server with 8 cores and 16GB RAM for TiDB + PD + monitoring services
  • 9 servers with 4 cores and 8GB RAM for TiKV services, each partitioned to 5TB
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This configuration is fine, you can use the standalone version.

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No problem.

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There should be no problem.

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Not enough disk space, 39T in the cloud, 20T on the physical machine :thinking:

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With 30 servers on the cloud, each with 2TB, a total of 39TB is used. For self-built, prepare 9 TiKV nodes, each with 5TB, totaling 45TB.

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This configuration for historical data is fine.

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Occasionally check, it’s okay to use MySQL.

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:joy: Oh, I misread it, I thought 4 cores were 4 machines.

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