Can information related to TiCDC be found in the database?

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Original topic: TiCDC相关的信息能在数据库中查到吗

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Noticed that the information of the Cluster can be obtained in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CLUSTER_INFO. Can the node information of TiCDC only be obtained through command line tools?

Similarly, TiDB’s monitoring metrics can be obtained in METRICS_SCHEMA. Can TiCDC’s monitoring metrics be obtained through command line tools or database queries?

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Isn’t it generally viewed using the dashboard? This should be similar to Oracle OGG, mainly relying on the command line to handle issues.

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The hope is to obtain some TiCDC monitoring metrics in a more flexible way, rather than through viewing the Dashboard.

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Currently, first obtain the metrics through Prometheus’s query interface.

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