Can Nginx be used as a load balancer for TiDB?

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Original topic: nginx可否作为tidb的负载均衡器

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It’s rare to see people using Nginx to proxy TiDB for load balancing. Are there any drawbacks to using Nginx as a proxy?

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As long as it supports Layer 4 proxying.

If it only proxies protocols like HTTP, then it operates at Layer 7. In that case, port 4000 cannot be accessed because it is not an HTTP protocol. However, for HTTP protocols like port 10080, you can use either Layer 4 or Layer 7 with an Nginx proxy.

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Nginx supports both Layer 4 and Layer 7, but I see that almost no one uses it, so I want to know if there are any other drawbacks.

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I think the possibility of a defect is very low because it’s too basic. If there were bugs in such a widely used feature, they would be fixed quickly.

However, you need an additional stream module to use Nginx at layer 4. This module might not be available in the version you compile or install via yum. Unlike HAProxy, which works directly at layer 4 and can proxy any TiDB port without additional modules.

In fact, if you are familiar with networking, how to proxy is not an issue at all.

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It is indeed a bit troublesome. The nginx I installed via yum includes the stream module in the compilation parameters.

When using it, you still need to load it. But this .so file cannot be found. It may need to be recompiled.

In contrast, the configuration in the official HAProxy documentation is basically brainless; you can use it right after downloading. :joy:

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There are no defects. I’ve used nginx to proxy MySQL many times and haven’t encountered any issues. TiDB is theoretically no different from MySQL, so you can use the stream module to proxy it without any problem.

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The only drawback is that check fail is not so timely. You can use tiproxy… not sure if GA is available,

tiproxy can sense PD information, and when the status of the TiDB node changes, it will notify PD…

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Not yet… let the bullets fly for a while

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nginx+keepalive can be used for TiDB load balancing.

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Yes, it is possible, but the performance is slightly worse compared to HAProxy.

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This is how we use it here…

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Yes, but the configuration is a bit more complex than haproxy, and the performance is not as good as haproxy.

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Nginx related column articles:

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Sure, but it’s not necessary.

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