Can regions be shared across multiple tables?

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Original topic: region可以在多个表共享吗

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Can a region contain data from multiple tables?
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A Region can only belong to one table. The data of each table is stored and managed in the TiKV cluster in the form of Regions. Region is the basic unit for data distribution and load balancing in TiKV.

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When creating a table, TiDB divides the table’s data into multiple Regions based on the table’s partitioning rules and distributes these Regions across different nodes in the TiKV cluster. Each Region stores a portion of the table’s data.

Therefore, a Region will only contain data from one table and will not simultaneously contain data from multiple tables. Each table will have its own set of Regions to store its data.

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Actually, it is possible. After enabling enable-cross-table-merge, region merge between tables is supported.

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Enable cross-table merge

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In the current version, when a new table is created, the regions of this table are definitely from the same table. Over time, it is possible for data from multiple tables to automatically move to the same region.

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