Can sync-diff-inspector disable sharding?

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Original topic: sync-diff-inspector可以关闭sharding吗?

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/home/tidb/tidb-community-toolkit-v7.1.2-linux-amd64/sync_diff_inspector --help
Usage of diff:
-V, --version print version of sync_diff_inspector
-L, --log-level string log level: debug, info, warn, error, fatal (default “info”)
-C, --config string Config file
-T, --template string <dm|norm> export a template config file in the current directory
–dm-addr string the address of DM
–dm-task string identifier of dm task
–check-thread-count int how many goroutines are created to check data (default 4)
–export-fix-sql set true if want to compare rows or set to false will only compare checksum (default true)
–check-struct-only ignore check table’s data
–skip-non-existing-table skip validation for tables that don’t exist upstream or downstream

I don’t see an option for sharding?

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There shouldn’t be any.

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The sync-diff-inspector tool cannot directly disable sharding.

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Can’t close it

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I didn’t see any relevant instructions; it probably can’t be turned off.