Can the community website header be restored?

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Original topic: 社区网站head能否加回来?

| username: ShawnYan

After the community website update, the header is no longer visible on the post page, making it very inconvenient to navigate to other pages or view personal profiles. Could you consider adding it back?

Header disappeared:

| username: h5n1 | Original post link

I have it. What browser are you using?

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Chrome & Firefox

| username: Billmay表妹 | Original post link

  1. Try clearing the cache and then logging in again to see if it works. We have tested it on our end and found no issues.
  2. If clearing the cache doesn’t work, upgrade your Google Chrome version.
| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Thanks @Billmay表妹 @h5n1
However, my problem might be unsolvable as the company has implemented “wall” management.

| username: 我是咖啡哥 | Original post link

Haha, it was actually blocked :grinning:

| username: system | Original post link

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