Can the dashboard find SQL executed within the last 5 minutes?

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Original topic: dashboard可以查到5分钟内已经执行过的sql吗

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Querying the select records of a table for 5 minutes, within the 5-minute range, it was found that an SQL was executed three times. When the time range is adjusted to 15 minutes, the same SQL cannot be found. When the range is shortened back to 5 minutes, the previously found SQL cannot be found either. What could be the reason for this?
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Could it be because your query has been running for over 5 minutes…?

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Check this out…

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It can be found.

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Could it be that after the time is magnified, this statement is no longer at the front?

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It means that for queries within 5 minutes, check statements_summary, and for queries exceeding 15 minutes, check statements_summary_history?

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You can check the SQL that has been executed within the last 5 minutes.

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Are you looking at SQL analysis?

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