Can the F5 address of the downstream cluster be used when synchronizing data to the downstream TiDB cluster with CDC?

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Original topic: cdc 同步数据到下游tidb 集群的时候可以使用下游集群的F5地址吗

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TiDB version 6.1

Dear teachers, I have a production cluster and a disaster recovery cluster. We use CDC to synchronize data from the production cluster to the downstream disaster recovery cluster. When configuring the CDC synchronization task, we need to write the address of the downstream TiDB cluster. Can this address be the F5 address of the downstream TiDB disaster recovery cluster? The plan is to also apply for an F5 for the downstream TiDB disaster recovery cluster, and then let CDC use this F5 address of the downstream disaster recovery cluster to synchronize data. This should be fine, right?

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Sure, the downstream connection can be a database connection compatible with the MySQL protocol, it can be Kafka, or it can be storage like S3.