Can the /tidb-data/tikv-20160/raft-engine logs be deleted using rm -fr?

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Original topic: /tidb-data/tikv-20160/raft-engine 日志可以rm -fr 删除吗?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Test Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.3.0
[Reproduction Path] /tidb-data/tikv-20160/raft-engine
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
Can the log files in /tidb-data/tikv-20160/raft-engine/ be directly deleted using rm -fr? Will it have any impact? The disk usage is too high.

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:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Don’t delete it, check if there are any anomalies in the raft log in the tikv details monitoring.

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No, it is a very, very important document. TiDB writes to the Raft log first and then to RocksDB by default. The Raft log by default occupies up to 4GB of space and is used cyclically, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

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You didn’t delete it, right? This contains data and must not be deleted.

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Cannot delete, in the test environment you can try reducing the raft-engine.purge-threshold.

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After deletion, TiKV malfunctioned.

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TiKV’s underlying structure consists of two RocksDB instances: one for storing Raft logs and the other for storing data. When TiKV writes data, it first uses the Raft log to ensure data consistency among different TiKV nodes, as the Raft protocol records the logs. If you find that there are too many logs, there are several parameters that can be modified.

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This raft log is the WAL log.

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How large is considered large? There should be a limit and some repeated writes, so it shouldn’t be too large.

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I see that your space only occupies 2.9G, right?

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This is a data log, it cannot be tampered with.

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The raft log is not, the wal is from RocksDB.

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The default maximum limit is 4GB, which I think is not small at all.

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Cannot be deleted

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