Can TiDB exam registration provide an invoice?

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Can I get an invoice for the TiDB exam registration?

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There are actually people who pay to sign up.

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It seems that the points for registration are not enough.

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For individual exam registration, it is recommended to register through partners, who can then issue invoices.

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Invoices cannot be issued without payment.

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Earning points is actually quite fast,

Contributing to the community and waiting for a few months can also accumulate a ticket.

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Just answer more questions.

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Money power ability

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When are you planning to grill? :upside_down_face:

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There are two ways to register:

  1. Redeem points for an exam voucher, which cannot be invoiced.
  2. Register through a partner, roughly 500 yuan, and they will provide an invoice.

However, from a personal suggestion perspective, it is best to redeem points. By watching more videos, signing in frequently, and answering more questions, you can earn enough points and also increase your chances of passing.
Paying for registration doesn’t provide you with a question bank or guidance. You might as well donate the money to your cousin, who can find an expert to help you, guaranteeing a pass with additional services.

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Is it true that redeeming points for exam eligibility no longer requires spending money?

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Yes, there are two ways to obtain exam eligibility:

  1. Use community points to redeem an exam voucher.
  2. Purchase a ticket.

You can refer to this introduction:

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Thank you, I plan to take the exam soon.

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Why not take the free test yourself with points?

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