Can TiDB logs be printed asynchronously?

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Original topic: tidb日志能异步打印嘛

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】6.6.0
【Encountered Problem: Problem Description and Impact】Is there an asynchronous logging configuration for TiDB? I see that version 6.6 logs are all printed synchronously without involving other threads. Now I want to do some performance tuning by putting the logs into a cache and handling them with a separate thread. I think TiDB, being so comprehensive, should have considered this.

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I haven’t studied it, mainly using the database.

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Do you think there are too many logs? You can adjust the log level to only record error-level logs.

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Why log asynchronously? If the system crashes at this time, won’t the logs be lost? This is obviously unreasonable.

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It seems that it can only be achieved through some middleware.

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Indeed, but when the boss gives an order, we have to work tirelessly to make it happen…

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Is the printing you mentioned related to log files or raft logs?

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I think what you mean is the log replay feature, right?!

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  • Custom Logger: You can create a custom Logger that starts a new goroutine to handle log output. This way, the main business logic can continue executing without waiting for the log writing to complete.
  • Buffered Queue: Use a buffered queue to temporarily store log entries to be processed. The main thread can return immediately after placing log entries into the queue, while another goroutine is responsible for retrieving and processing the log entries from the queue.
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The logging framework used by TiDB is zap, which I understand is inherently asynchronous. Could you describe in more detail what you mean by synchronous printing in version 6.6?

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+1 I feel like this framework can’t be this bad, right? :joy_cat:

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Log file

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:thinking: Log entries seem to be asynchronous, right? Why do you say it’s synchronous logging?

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I understand as well. If it were synchronous printing, executing an SQL would have to wait for the log to finish printing. That would be too cumbersome.

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