Can TiDB Retrieve Timestamps When Processing Data?

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Original topic: TIDB在处理数据的时间戳是否可以调取

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May I ask how Prometheus reads TiDB’s timestamp when retrieving transaction duration for a histogram?
Also, if I want to monitor the latency of TCP, IP, and MAC layers, can the current TiDB monitoring achieve this? Thanks!

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Are you looking for this monitoring page?

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  1. I didn’t understand what was being said. Why do we need to read the TiDB timestamp to monitor transaction duration?
  2. I don’t think it’s possible. These are more low-level network things, and monitoring should be done by embedding points in the code. TiDB can’t embed points in these network layer codes, right?
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I watched for a while and didn’t understand what it was saying.

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Monitoring TCP, IP, and MAC layer latency is essentially network monitoring, or gRPC.

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