Can TiDB support flashback to its own server?

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Original topic: 问一下tidb能支持闪回到自己这台服务器么

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Oracle supports powerful flashback features, usage scenarios:

  1. flashback database: Database flashback; mainly used for database recovery, accidental deletion of databases, users, or tablespaces.

  2. flashback table: Table flashback; used for data table recovery; accidental deletion of data tables.

  3. flashback query: Flashback query; used to repair misoperated data.

Using br for full backup + logs can achieve flashback. But you must set up a new TiDB.
Is there a command to directly restore historical table data within a single TiDB setup without copying?

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Flashback Cluster

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If you do it this way, the data will be lost.

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TiDB also supports flashback table/flashback query.

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Full backup + logs
Then clean up the data in the source database and import directly.

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If within the GC time, you can directly use Dumpling to specify TSO data and then import it into the specified table you want. This is when the 30-day GC really shows its power.

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Adjust the GC time to six months :smiley_cat:

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Flashback is possible.

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TiDB also has flashback, based on GC time.
Oracle is also based on your undo space and undo retention time, it’s the same.

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Adjust the GC time first, then perform the flashback.

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GC needs to be adjusted a lot, haha.

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Check the official documentation, adjust GC for flashback, and take a look at the precautions.

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What you posted already meets the requirements :joy: