Can TiKV access tokens or keys be configured separately for each prefix?

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Original topic: TiKV访问token或者密钥配置,能否给每一个prefix单独配置

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Using TiKV as the metadata engine for JuiceFS,

juicefs format \
    --storage s3 \
    ... \
    "tikv://,," \

I would like to ask, can a token be configured here, so that only the key can access the metadata protection mechanism?
Additionally, can different tokens be configured for different prefixes? Thanks!

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Is the usage scenario of TiKV here to work as a distributed KV storage system?

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Only through the TiDB entry configuration can the Token method be supported, and it must be the authentication-related security mode of the MySQL protocol.

Currently, the encryption mode that TiDB can support is used to protect data transmission security, not this kind of Token access protection mode.
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Reference documents:

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TiDB supports encryption mode, but the configuration method may be different.