Can TiKV scaling down be paused, resumed, and aborted?

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Original topic: tikv缩容,可以暂停恢复和中止吗

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After initiating the TiKV scale-in command, while the region is still being migrated, can the scale-in process be paused, resumed, or terminated?

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If the original node data files and other content have not been deleted, you can change the status of the offline node to up using the following command:

curl -X POST http://${pd_ip}:2379/pd/api/v1/store/${store_id}/state?state=Up
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It seems there is no pause.

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Generally, the scaling down is done after the manual migration is completed.

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There is no option to pause; you can scale down and then scale up again.

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Let’s see which step it has executed to.

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The official documentation does not provide a command to cancel the operation. Stopping halfway carries risks. If you need to recover, you can always scale out again after scaling in.

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The question is very good, I have the same doubt :+1:

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Kill it, it’s fine, I’ve tried it.

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You should kill the process, and the scaling-down task will stop. There may be unknown risks.

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It seems not.

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What is the name of the scale-in process?

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Stopping means canceling the offline process, you can refer to PD Control 使用说明 | PingCAP 文档中心
Pausing and resuming is about controlling the offline speed, just control the PD scheduling.

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If it is already in the tombstone state, you can only scale down and then scale up again. If it is just offline and not completely down, you can manually bring it online… curl -X POST

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