Can TiKV support user-defined column families in transaction mode?

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Original topic: TiKV transaction模式下能否支持用户自定义column family

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Only using the TiKV component, with approximately 3.5 million rows of data, among which 3 rows have special prefixes.

These 3 rows take 25 seconds to scan, while scanning the entire 3.5 million rows takes only 180 seconds.

  1. Is there a way to quickly read these 3 rows of data? Scanning is obviously too slow. Is there a way to optimize the scan?

  2. Is there a way to store these data independently, similar to a custom column family?

  3. Can we write to PD through the etcd client?

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| username: jwongz | Original post link

By adding a termination condition to optimize performance.

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I didn’t understand this. How was it optimized? Can someone explain it in detail?

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In TiKV’s transaction mode, user-defined column families are currently not supported.

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Are there any specific usage examples?

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