Cannot find cluster using tiup cluster list

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Original topic: tiup cluster list查不到集群

| username: emerson_cai

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There is a cluster running here, why can’t I find the cluster name?

| username: DBAER | Original post link

Switch to the tidb user and try again.

| username: xfworld | Original post link

Try using tiup to check.

| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

This is not for this user, try another user or machine.

| username: zhaokede | Original post link

It looks like the cluster was started by a TiDB user.

| username: stephanie | Original post link

This screenshot doesn’t seem to be from the tiup cluster list command, right?

| username: Jolyne | Original post link

For the TiDB user generally used for deployment, you can switch to the TiDB user and use tiup cluster list to check.

| username: ffeenn | Original post link

Is this even possible?

| username: zhang_2023 | Original post link

Use this query with the process user tidb.

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Wrong name?

| username: Daniel-W | Original post link

What user did you use for deployment? Use the same user to execute tiup.

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Try switching to the tidb user.

| username: 舞动梦灵 | Original post link

Which user did you use for the installation? According to the official documentation, it should be the tidb user. So the checks should also be done using the tidb user. Additionally, the checks should basically be executed on the tidb service nodes, not on the pd and tikv nodes.

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What user did you use to install it?

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Just because there is a TiKV process on this machine doesn’t mean your control machine is also on this machine…

| username: emerson_cai | Original post link

Added images, a new error is reported after switching users.

| username: emerson_cai | Original post link

Added images, encountered a new error after switching users.

| username: emerson_cai | Original post link

Yes, I added the screenshot, but a new error occurred.

| username: caiyfc | Original post link

This seems to be a case of not being able to find the image file. The prompt clearly states it. Try resetting the image path.
PS: How did you deploy the cluster without an image path? It feels like this tiup might also be incorrect.

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Run all four commands:

su tidb
source .bash_profile
tiup cluster list