Can't the binlog_format variable be modified?

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Original topic: binlog_format变量不能修改吗?

| username: 逍遥_猫

Version 6.5.6
After modifying the binlog_format parameter to row,
show variables like ‘%binlog%’; no longer shows the original binlog-related variables.
The default value is statement.

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This is a noop variable, it should not take effect. You can check variables_info to confirm.

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I tested it, and it works.

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Is it set global? SET GLOBAL binlog_format=‘row’;
Then you need to log in to TiDB again.

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The binlog log format of TiDB is completely different from that of MySQL. Modifying it is meaningless and will not take effect.

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:flushed: I couldn’t find this variable in the TiDB system variables documentation. Is this a MySQL variable?

| username: xfworld | Original post link

The default compatibility parameters do not affect the actual configuration of TiDB.

For more details, you can refer to the related protocols and supported types of TiCDC:

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This parameter has no practical significance; it is just for compatibility with MySQL.

| username: mono | Original post link

It’s a parameter solely for ensuring compatibility. No need to pay attention to it!

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Call it a backup before modification.

| username: 逍遥_猫 | Original post link

I used set global, it’s because of the noop variable.
I set this

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Yes, and this component is also not recommended for use anymore.

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