CDC Data Desynchronization

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Original topic: cdc 数据不同步

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Using BR to back up a single table and restore it to the disaster recovery database cluster, then using CDC to create a synchronization task. The synchronization status appears normal, but the disaster recovery database does not have the new data.

Synchronization table information

BR Backup

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If you use CDC for synchronization, only the rows in TiKV that have changes will generate change logs. Try performing write operations on the table after backup and restore; it should be able to synchronize at that time.

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The primary database has new data, but the secondary database has not synchronized it.

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Take a look at the CDC monitoring, you need to wait for the resolve ts lock to be scanned completely.

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Some tables work, looking at the table structure, they are basically the same.

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The status is normal, but after the gc-ttl time has passed, the status becomes abnormal.

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What is the reason for this?

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I encountered it too, how did you solve it?

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Check the logs in the cdc directory for error messages. I have encountered this before; specific issues need to be analyzed individually.

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Which version are you using?

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Is there any change in TiKV? If not, there won’t be a changelog.