CDC does not synchronize changes to user passwords

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Original topic: cdc 不同步修改的用户密码的行为

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Excuse me, teachers, I currently don’t have a test environment at hand. I would like to ask if CDC does not synchronize user password modification operations. I saw this mentioned on the official website. Is there a configuration parameter that can control this behavior?

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Please specify your specific requirements: I have the environment here. Let me test it for you.

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These filtering rules will filter out the data.

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Your question is whether changing the password will be synchronized to the downstream?

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for example, executing statements like ALTER USER and GRANT.

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It should not synchronize the mysql and information_schema databases.

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No, for changes in user permissions, it is recommended to manually execute the relevant SQL statements downstream.

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If both upstream and downstream use TiDB for disaster recovery, manually synchronizing user and permission changes each time feels a bit cumbersome. If a disaster recovery switch occurs and some user permissions are missing, it could be very troublesome.

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How are the filtering rules written? Can you post them for us to see?

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I also think that this should be suggested to the TiDB official team. In MySQL, operations like binlog replication, changing passwords, and granting permissions can all be synchronized to downstream systems.

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