Changes in the Number of Data Rows When Migrating Data from MySQL to TiDB Cluster

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Original topic: MySQL迁移数据到TiDB集群数据行数变化

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After migrating data from MySQL to the TiDB cluster, using the query command:
I found that the number of rows in TiDB is greater than in MySQL. Why is this?

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The statistical information is an estimate, which is not accurate. If you migrate from MySQL to MySQL, you will also find inconsistencies between the two sides.

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Is “select count(*) from data_center” also not allowed?

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This should be normal, just use SELECT COUNT(*) in the data table.

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There are too many tables in the database, it’s impossible to compare them one by one.

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This is normal. After analyzing the table, this value will be relatively accurate.

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Then you should run an analyze on all the tables.

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If both sides are static data, writing a script to batch count is faster. If there is continuous incremental data, you can use sync-diff-inspector to compare the data, which is more accurate than directly looking at the data volume.

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After importing data, you need to recollect statistics by running ANALYZE XXXX for the system metadata to be accurate, or directly run SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [table_name].

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Use this to compare the data consistency between MySQL and TiDB.

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Apart from count*, other statistics are also inaccurate. You can use TiDB’s official data comparison tool.

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For migration comparison, use the sync-diff-inspector tool provided by TiDB. It can compare not only the number of rows but also the data content.

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Migration errors may occur if the characters in the original data differ from those in TiDB. You can use the sync-diff-inspector tool. sync-diff-inspector User Documentation | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Indeed, it is inaccurate.

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Statistics can only be used as a reference. In this case, you might consider writing a script to count key tables and randomly select some data for comparison. If the accuracy of the data is very strict, you can consider using the official tool sync-diff-inspector.

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After the import is completed, if the statistics are not yet finished, you can perform an analyze on the imported environment. This way, the queries will be more accurate since the statistics are not updated in real-time.

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Write a script to count(*), and if there are discrepancies, perform sync-diff.