Chat2query issue

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Original topic: chat2query问题

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  1. Does chat2query support MySQL, and how well does it support other databases?
  2. Is it possible to support Chinese natural language input?
  3. Will there always be a free version? Will the paid version be available on the cloud, such as being associated with TiDB on Alibaba Cloud?
  4. How stable is the product?
  5. What are the plans for future features and upgrades?
  6. Can you provide performance optimization suggestions, such as index selection?

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Hello, this is currently a product planning issue. You can wait for related Meetups or tech salons for consultation and answers. At present, there is only an experience version in the Serverless TiDB Cloud in the product form. If you are interested, you can apply to enable chat2query through TiDB Cloud for a trial experience.