[Community Collaboration Event Recommendation] January 31, 19:00 - 20:30 Open Source Talk Online Live: Will DBAs Be Replaced by the Cloud?

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DBA (Database Administrator) is responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s databases. However, with the growing trend of cloud adoption, many enterprises have migrated their databases to cloud platforms. Cloud service providers usually offer automated tools and standardized services, which have liberated the work of DBAs but also created a sense of crisis. Some question whether the DBA role will be eliminated by the cloud since the most important hardware and architecture management needs are gone, and daily monitoring and optimization tasks can be completed with tools.

On the other hand, some believe it is too early to say that DBAs will be eliminated by the cloud. Cloud services are more of an auxiliary tool rather than a production tool; they have not completely replaced DBAs but have changed their work methods and responsibilities. This allows DBAs to focus more on advanced database management tasks, playing a greater role in data optimization, security management, cost management, and compliance.

So, what do you think? Will the demand for DBAs decrease as cloud databases become more popular? What new requirements does the cloud environment impose on DBAs? As individuals, what new knowledge should we acquire to keep up with the development of the cloud era?

In this issue, OSCHINA [Open Source Talk] has specially invited five representative experts from the industry to discuss live whether DBAs will be eliminated by the cloud.

Live Topic: Will DBAs be eliminated by the cloud?

Live Time: January 31, 19:00 - 20:30

Live Platform: “OSC Open Source Community” Video Channel

Organizer: OSCHINA

Special Guest: Ma Gong

Live Highlights:

  1. What is the value of DBAs to organizations? Are they irreplaceable?
  2. Which DBA tasks can be replaced by cloud databases? Which cannot?
  3. What problems do cloud databases solve? What new problems do they introduce?
  4. To what extent have cloud databases been popularized? What does the future hold?
  5. How should ordinary DBAs respond to cloud databases? How should enterprises that do not go to the cloud respond?

Live Guests:


Feng Ruohang, CEO/Founder of Panji Cloud Data, author of Pigsty, Open Source Technology Committee member of the PostgreSQL Chinese Community, and host of the WeChat public account “Illegal Jia Feng.”


Ma Gong, Infra Engineer in Northern Europe, host of the WeChat public account “Swedish Ma Gong.”

Li Linghui, founder of the cloud-native database clapdb, former CTO of Chengfa Cloud, CTO of Meiqia, and Chief Architect of Didi Chuxing. Currently dedicated to providing new-era analytical data services based on cloud infrastructure.


Li Zhenxu, Database Technology Leader at Yunhe Enmo, former Oracle ACE, database recovery expert, and host of the WeChat public account “Roger’s Database Column.” Personal website: www.killdb.com.

Xue Xiaogang, Oracle ACE-Pro, PostgreSQL ACE Partner, Alibaba Cloud MVP, Motianlun MVP, TiDB MVA, ITPUB Forum In-Memory Database Moderator, Core Expert, and Gold Consultant. Personal WeChat public account: “All Brothers Within the Four Seas.”

With the advent of the cloud wave, will traditional DBA roles be replaced by cloud services? Scan the code to book the live broadcast and share your views! You can also join our OSC technical exchange group to learn together!

Live Benefits:

  • Interactive Lottery: Users who ask questions in the live comment section and get a reply from the live guest will receive an OSC Rubik’s Cube, with no limit on the number of winners.
  • Lucky Bag Lottery: There will be multiple rounds of lottery during the live broadcast, and participants will have a chance to win OSC T-shirts, Rubik’s Cubes, and more.

See you in the live broadcast room!

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Live Highlights

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Something to look forward to, I thought it was Jack Ma.