Compatibility and Cross-Version Recovery of BR

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Original topic: 关于br兼容性及跨版本恢复

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Currently, TiDB has so many versions:

BR also has so many versions:

Currently, the compatibility information I can find only covers: TiDB v4.0, TiDB v5.0, TiDB nightly, TiDB v6.0, v6.1, v6.2, v6.3, v6.4, v6.5

TiDB Backup and Restore Overview | PingCAP Documentation Center
Is there a more complete compatibility description available?

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My understanding is that if it’s available, you can use it; if not, try it yourself.

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BR is best if it’s the same version, as this will minimize issues.
Next, the minor version should be the same, such as 6.1.X or 6.5.X.
Then, the major version should be the same, such as 6.X or 7.X.

Cross-version can be quite difficult… For cross-version, it’s best to use logical backup or other methods like ticdc to transfer data.

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It’s best to test across versions; don’t blindly trust the documentation.

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Tested and found that cross-major version upgrades can have inexplicable and uncontrollable errors. It’s best to use the same version.

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It is recommended to use the latest LTS version, and BR should also use the same version. If there is a need for cross-version data synchronization, TiCDC can also be chosen.

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In version 6.2, the API version of the TiKV client was upgraded from v1 to v2.

Some parameter descriptions clearly state that the data format will be different.

Therefore, it is likely to be very difficult to be compatible before and after version 6.2.

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What I understand is that the versions should correspond one-to-one, at the very least the major versions should be consistent. The concern with cross-versioning is the risk of forgetting to upgrade synchronously.

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