Compatibility Issues with TiCDC v6.60

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Original topic: ticdcv6.60兼容问题

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After upgrading ticdc to 6.60, when creating a synchronization task, I encountered the error: “Error: call cdc api failed, url=, code=404, contentType=text/plain, response=404 page not found.” Using curl -X GET works fine, but curl -X GET returns “404 page not found.”

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Take a look at tiup cluster display.

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I have already switched back to version 6.5.

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I’m preparing to upgrade to 6.6, but after seeing this issue, I’m hesitant to proceed.

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Currently, there are some issues with TiCDC, but no other problems have been found for the time being.

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Don’t upgrade to 6.6. The DMR version doesn’t have patches and is for testing new features. For production, use the LTS version. The latest is 6.5, and the next LTS is 7.0.

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Currently, the production environment is using 6.5, and the testing environment is 6.6.

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Upgrading to 6.6 in a production environment, you’re really ahead of the curve. You’re quite bold.

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If you take too big a step, you might strain yourself.