Congratulations to @Jellybean for becoming a TiDB community moderator!

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Original topic: 恭喜 @Jellybean 成为 TiDB 社区版主!

| username: TiDB社区小助手

Congratulations to @Jellybean for becoming a moderator in the TiDB community!

On November 27, 2019, Jellybean joined the TiDB community.

In the four years since joining the TiDB community, Mr. Wenjie has helped community members with 508 replies, published 9 technical articles, helped 42 community users solve technical problems, and earned 33 badges!

Mr. Wenjie has always hoped to leverage his many years of experience in managing large-scale TiDB clusters to more efficiently solve the difficult problems encountered by TiDB community members. He also hopes to share more firsthand experiences and valuable knowledge through technical articles and experience exchanges, contributing to the high-quality development of the TiDB community. :+1::+1::+1:

Additionally, Mr. Li Wenjie is also an organizer of TiDB community offline events in Guangzhou, an honorary experience officer for TiDB 6.0, the winner of the Best Popularity Award in the second TiDB community column essay contest, an excellent contributor to the TiDB 6.0 Book Rush, and an honorary writer in the TiDB community. :two_hearts:

Words from Mr. Wenjie:

I started using TiDB in mid-2018 when MySQL storage encountered bottlenecks. We decisively rejected the sharding solution and began researching and using distributed databases. TiDB, which was born to replace sharding solutions, naturally came into view. Although there were issues with the uniqueness of primary keys in version 2.0 during the POC phase, and it was criticized by many, we saw the direction of distributed development, the efficiency of official responses to failures, the ability to quickly solve problems, and the serious attitude towards open source. We believed that TiDB would be a revolutionary product. After rigorous evaluation and selection, we finally adopted TiDB.

Five years have passed, and time has proven that our choice was correct. Whether it’s TP online business, AP analysis business, or HTAP hybrid business, the TiDB architecture has helped us solve many business development issues. Since 2018, I have been responsible for deploying dozens of production clusters, assisting businesses with POCs, and migrating them online. I have used almost all TiDB peripheral tools, from the early Ansible operation and maintenance deployment tools to the now very convenient TiUP, from the single-point syncer synchronization tool to the current distributed synchronization tool DM, from the non-existent physical backup tool BR to the real-time synchronization component TiCDC. I have also used many cluster versions, from v2.0 to v7.1, with each key version applied in both test and production environments. The largest cluster I managed had nearly 300TB of data (total space over 500TB), with the largest single table having 50 billion rows and 90TB, using a hot and cold storage solution.

I remember in 2019, during an event in Shenzhen, Mr. Fang mentioned the plan to create a community website. We were very excited and were among the first to join the TUG community in July of that year. We have witnessed the growth of the community, and the community has helped me grow. Therefore, we must give back to the community. I hope to use the platform provided by the community to exchange experiences, share knowledge, and help the community platform efficiently and quickly solve community problems, improving the success rate of problem-solving and user satisfaction. I also hope to contribute to the community’s activity and high-quality development by sharing technical articles, exchanging experiences, and sharing knowledge. I hope to grow together with the community.

Jellybean’s Technical Articles:

Mr. Wenjie’s answers to community technical questions and his articles are very meticulous and have received unanimous praise from TiDB community members! :heart:

Once again, welcome and congratulations to Mr. Jellybean Li Wenjie for joining the TiDB community moderator family, leading the TiDB community to continue to improve! :two_hearts:

Moderator Introduction

TiDB Community Moderators: Composed of users, developers, contributors, and partners from the TiDB community, with the authority to participate in the management and operation of the AskTUG forum.

Honorary Moderators

TiDB Community Honorary Moderators: Moderators who retire after serving for one year enjoy this title.

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The moderator group chat is a WeChat group composed of moderators, moderator candidates, and active community members who love TiDB. We often discuss TiDB technical issues in the group to better master TiDB operation and maintenance capabilities, quickly help ourselves and others handle TiDB problems, and achieve technical improvement and growth.

  • Monthly Moderator & TiDB Technical Expert Exchange Meeting:

The monthly moderator exchange meeting has been held for 20 sessions. Interested friends can click the link below to view the meeting video review. Moderator Exchange Meeting Review

We look forward to more teachers joining the TiDB community moderator family in the future! We are waiting for you here! :heart:

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