Congratulations to @ShawnYan for becoming a TiDB community moderator!

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Original topic: 恭喜 @ShawnYan 成为 TiDB 社区版主!

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Congratulations to @ShawnYan, Mr. Yan Shaoan, for becoming a moderator of the TiDB community!

On October 15, 2021, ShawnYan joined the TiDB community!

In the three years since joining the TiDB community, Mr. Shaoan has helped community members with 1,292 replies, published 21 technical articles, helped 97 community users solve technical problems, and earned 36 badges!

Mr. Shaoan is probably an old friend to many TiDBers. He often helps answer questions, writes articles, evangelizes for TiDB, and provides suggestions to make TiDB better.

Personal Introduction:

Yan Shaoan | TiDB Community 2022 and 2023 MVA&MOA, member of the TiDB Community Evangelist Committee, with many years of experience in financial business database development and operations, has obtained the full set of TiDB certifications, TiDB Community Honorary Experience Officer, TiDB Community Honorary Writer, co-author and Reviewer of “TiDB 6.x in Action”, contributor to TiDB 7.5.0 Release Notes.

I am Shaoan, community nickname ShawnYan, title TiExplorer, living in distant Dalian. The community has given me the opportunity to interact online with many experts. I have worked on the front lines of MariaDB/MySQL DBA for many years, from MariaDB 10.1 to 10.6, from MySQL 5.5 to 8.2. I first got to know TiDB because it was called Big Size MySQL, and also for work reasons. In 2018, I did some research with my leaders and colleagues when it was still 2.x, and questions could only be asked through GitHub Issues. According to records, I joined the community two years ago and have visited the community for over 100 consecutive days. After joining the community, I took advantage of the PE courses, took a bunch of courses and certificates, including those from the PE overseas site. While learning, I recorded, summarized, and outputted, publishing 21 articles in the column over the past two years. After spending a long time in the forum, I started to “ferment”, outputting questions, answering questions, seeking help from TiDBers, helping TiDBers, solving problems, providing best answers, raising Issues, and submitting PRs, forming a positive cycle. I hope to maintain this positive state for a long time, reach new heights in the Year of the Dragon, and grow together with the community.

ShawnYan and TiDB’s Story | My Story with TiDB | Viewing from Different Angles

Mr. Shaoan’s Words

The TiDB community is an open, free, active, and excellent communication platform. I hope to continue learning from former and current moderators after successfully becoming a moderator, and jointly contribute to community building. I hope to guide more people to the Asktug forum to communicate, learn, and improve.

ShawnYan’s Technical Articles

Mr. Shaoan always helps TiDBers interpret new version features at the first opportunity and recommends some essential tools! Ti Cool!

Once again, welcome and congratulations to Mr. Yan Shaoan for joining the TiDB community moderator family, leading the TiDB community to continue to improve! :two_hearts:

Moderator Introduction

TiDB Community Moderators: Composed of users, developers, Contributors, and partners from the TiDB community, with the authority to participate in the management and operation of the AskTUG forum.

Honorary Moderators

TiDB Community Honorary Moderators: Moderators who retire after serving for one year enjoy this title.

Moderator Stories:

Moderator Honor Medals & Exclusive Merchandise

Communication Channels for Moderators and Active Community Members:

  • Moderator Group Chat:

The moderator group chat is a WeChat group composed of moderators, moderator candidates, and active community members who love TiDB. We often discuss TiDB technical issues in the group to better master TiDB operation and maintenance capabilities, help ourselves and others handle TiDB problems more quickly, and achieve technical improvement and growth.

  • Monthly Moderator & TiDB Technical Expert Exchange Meeting:

The moderator exchange meeting has been held for 20 sessions, with one session held each month. Interested friends can click the following link to view the meeting video review. Moderator Exchange Meeting Review

Looking forward to more teachers joining the TiDB community moderator family in the future! We are waiting for you here! :heart:

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Teacher Shaoan is awesome.

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Congratulations to Teacher Shaoan for becoming a community moderator.

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