Connecting Tableau to TiDB

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Can Tableau connect to TiDB through the MySQL connector in Desktop? Currently, the connection fails with an error: invalid username or password. However, it can connect using Tableau’s JDBC.

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You might need to seek help from their community; currently, there is no such practice observed.

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Tableau Desktop can connect to MySQL using the ODBC connection method. You can connect by selecting the MySQL ODBC 8.0 Driver. Note to change the TiDB port to 4000.

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A MySQL 8.0 or higher driver is required for a proper connection.

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The authentication method for the password has changed, right?

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This is indeed possible. When we used MySQL 8.0.33 without changing the driver, we encountered this kind of issue.

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Try changing the driver.

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Currently using the MySQL ODBC driver version 8.0.23.

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Currently using version 8.0.23.

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Are you connecting to serverless (serverless requires a secure connection) or OP TiDB?
If the TiDB log only shows invalid username or password, it should still be an issue with the driver or the incoming request. How about capturing a packet? :thinking:

There shouldn’t be much difference between using an ODBC connection and a JDBC connection. The only thing I can think of is the driver. If it doesn’t work, try capturing a packet.
Steps to connect Tableau to MySQL - Zhihu (

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Which version of the driver did you use later that worked normally?

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.Core uses the 8.0.31 driver

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You need to install the driver.