Considerations for Downgrading from 7.1.1 to 6.5

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Original topic: 7.1.1降级6.5注意事项

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 7.1.1
Two TiDB databases:
Database A (7.1.1): Data volume below 1T
Database B (7.1.0): Data volume below 6T
To solve the issue of CPU spikes caused by a small number of cross-shard SQL queries in version 7.1 (which can be triggered after executing SQL two or three times, even without concurrency or other business activities)

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What environment was upgraded to 7.1?

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It was already version 7.1 when deployed.

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Version 6.5, did you test and verify that there is no such issue?
You still need to analyze the cause of the CPU spike problem.

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In the past month

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Previously, we were using version 6.5 without any issues. Recently, after upgrading to 7.1, we encountered this problem without making any changes to the business logic. We discovered the issue during performance stress testing on the business side. Therefore, we are currently downgrading to ensure business continuity, but we will keep version 7.1 to continue investigating this problem.

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Could it be a GC issue?
How many days has it been since the upgrade?
You can try disabling gc.enable-compaction-filter.

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It’s been a month, and I just discovered it recently.

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The TiDB service has always been at 99% CPU usage.

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Please post the issue monitoring charts and related logs, and we will analyze them together. It is speculated that some areas have not been properly adapted.

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Yes, let’s analyze it first. Rolling back the version is the last resort.

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Once it goes up, it’s hard to come back down.

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The safest way to handle this data volume is to logically export and then import it.

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Downgrading major versions can only be done through logical export and import. It’s unclear whether backup and restore are supported.

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For this amount of data, a logical backup is definitely better.

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Downgrading can only be done through logical backup and migration, right?

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From the dashboard, go to the topsql interface and select this TiDB to see what it is executing.

If it can be stably reproduced, it is relatively easy to locate.

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It can’t be said that only major versions are the best to use. It’s safer to use logical versions to prevent any physical anomalies.

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Questions about SQL?