Consultation on Flexible Migration Solutions for Cold Data: Index Conflict Reported When Restoring Data with Navicat

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Original topic: 冷数据灵活的迁移方案咨询,用navicat做数据还原报索引冲突。

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How to migrate cold data out in version 6.1.2, and make it easier to restore when needed? Also, I found that logical backup SQL reports errors when restoring, not sure why. Has anyone encountered this? The export is fine, but the import reports index conflicts, it should be this kind of error. The tool used is Navicat to export SQL, and then using Navicat to import reports index conflicts. Since there are index conflicts, how can TiDB build the index?

I thought of a few methods, one is to synchronize the data down to MySQL, and then synchronize the data back to TiDB when needed. Is there a mature, stable, and flexible (bidirectional) solution?

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You can use ETL tools to achieve this, the simplest being DataX or you can install DataX-Web.

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TiDB Hot and Cold Storage Separation Solution_NetEase Games_Li Wenjie.pdf (1.5 MB)
Video replay: TiDB Hot and Cold Storage Separation Solution_Bilibili

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dm plus cdc

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Why not use the official tool?
For logical backup, I recommend 使用 Dumpling 导出数据 | PingCAP 文档中心

The backup is in SQL format…

You can also restore it to MySQL.

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