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As shown in the above image, I understand that phase one involves unordered writes to the memtable, and phase two involves sorting and writing to the disk. Is this correct?
In the video, it is mentioned that phase two involves direct writes to the disk. How are the key-values sorted then?

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You haven’t finished reading it, right?

immutable → sst

There are still many details at this stage, such as asynchronous flushing, flow control management, etc.
Then during the write process, there are different levels. Among them, sst level0 and immutable are completely consistent and unordered.

However, when level 0 → level 1 compression occurs, sorting is performed, which is the compacting operation.

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L0 directly restores the immutable to the disk, and L1 and later levels perform sorting and compression.

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The first stage of writing to the memtable is sequential, but the file is unordered.
For sorting, it is recommended to look at the mini compaction and major compaction of the LSM tree, which will make it easier to understand.

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Hmm, I read it once before and forgot, I’ll read it again, thank you.

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Okay, thank you.

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Got it, thanks.

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