Consulting a TiKV question: Does TiKV region support merging?

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Original topic: 咨询个 tikv的问题:tikv region 支持合并不 ?

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As the title suggests, I have been studying PD recently. When looking at the code, I only saw the code related to splitting regions pd/server/cluster/cluster_worker.go at bbd3bdb56f80faddda222cb63628c5007fd330bd · tikv/pd · GitHub, but I didn’t see the code for merging regions, which makes me a bit confused.

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Support merging, with merge region enabled by default.

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I haven’t looked at the code, but the official documentation mentions merging, supporting the merging of regions from multiple tables.

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Regions support merging, and merging and splitting are managed by PD.

When a newly split Region exists for a time exceeding the value of the configuration item split-merge-interval (default 1h), and if it simultaneously meets the conditions of being smaller than max-merge-region-size/max-merge-region-keys, merging will be triggered.

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Oh, let me take another look at the code. Is this part of the code implemented in TiKV?

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It should be PD scheduling.

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Thank you, everyone. I found the code related to merge region.

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It must support merging.

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It can be merged.

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Support merging

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Enable merge region by default