CTE Query Enters Infinite Loop

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Original topic: CTE查询进入死循环

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The project feedback error: “Recursive query aborted after 10011 iterations. Try increasing @cte_max_recursion_depth to a larger value”

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It’s so simple, don’t use CTE. TiDB has quite a few bugs with CTE, especially when used with UNION ALL.

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Recursive CTE must include UNION ALL, right?

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First, format the SQL.

WITH RECURSIVE cte_connect_by AS (
    SELECT s.insid, s.supr_inst_ecd FROM xxxxxx s
    WHERE insid = '320000001'
    SELECT s.insid, s.supr_inst_ecd FROM cte_connect_by r
    INNER JOIN xxxxxx s ON r.supr_inst_ecd = s.insid
SELECT insid FROM cte_connect_by
ORDER BY insid;

Then, this should be controlled by parameters, try increasing the parameters.

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This recursion limit of 1000 is already exhausted?

I feel that even if you increase it, the execution will take a very long time. Imagine a tree with 1000 layers. The minimum would be 2 to the power of 1000. It’s too outrageous.
You should evaluate whether this approach is reasonable.

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Indeed, without knowing the actual table structure and data, it is highly likely that the business logic is looping.

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The error message you encountered indicates that your query exceeded the preset maximum recursion depth while performing a recursive operation. In SQL, especially when using Common Table Expressions (CTEs) for recursive queries, each database management system sets a maximum recursion depth limit to prevent infinite recursion from exhausting resources or causing program crashes.

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The logic is not complex, no need for CTE~

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Increase the maximum recursion depth of CTE