Current TSO Physical on PD Monitoring

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Original topic: PD监控上的Current TSO Physcial

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Can these two times on the PD monitoring be converted to each other?
What is the impact of manually adjusting the PD leader’s time forward and backward?
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PD distributes TSO with local clock and logical clock components. In theory, adjusting the server time shouldn’t be a big issue. However, it’s not recommended to do so.

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TSO is calculated using time, which has a larger range than a timestamp and can be used.
SELECT TIDB_PARSE_TSO(@@tidb_current_ts);

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Calculating time as TSO is also possible. Try this:

select REPLACE(unix_timestamp(current_timestamp(3)),'.','') << 18 as current_tso;
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“Current TSO Physical” will be greater than “Current Time”

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