Currently, when scaling down 3 out of 8 TiKV nodes simultaneously, a large number of offline-peer-region-counts appear

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Original topic: 目前tikv8台缩容同时3台,出现大量offline-peer-region-count

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I would like to know if the situation shown in the picture is normal after performing this operation, and does it affect data integrity?

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This is normal. During the scaling down process, regions will migrate and go through an offline state. Once the migration is complete, the number of regions in these states will decrease. It is still recommended to scale down one machine at a time.

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Is my understanding correct that regions on TiKV nodes in Pending Offline status can still be scheduled by PD?

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“Pending offline” means that the region peer above is being scheduled to another node.

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What about the Tombstone status? Has the data already been scheduled? Even if there is data in the tikv directory, it is no longer scheduled, or can it be cleaned up since it is no longer useful?

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The region has been scheduled and can be cleaned up, tiup cluster prune

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Okay, thank you.

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