Dashboard Export of Slow Queries Causes Memory Surge and Triggers OOM

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Original topic: Dashboard导出慢查引发内存暴涨触发OOM

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[Reproduction Path] Exporting the last 30 minutes of slow queries on the Dashboard triggers OOM
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
Since the slow query function in the Dashboard can only be opened one by one, I exported them locally to optimize one by one.
Selected the time period, the last 30 minutes, but there was no response when exporting.

Check the monitoring

Two of the machines experienced OOM, fortunately, one was still running.

Check the instance that experienced OOM

The 10 SQLs with the most time usage for OOM analysis
SQL 0:
cost_time: 1.376497381s
conn_id: 206183
user: dashboard_user
table_ids: [4611686018427387951]
txn_start_ts: 443004339273596931
mem_max: 25276 Bytes (24.7 KB)
sql: SELECT Digest, Query, INSTANCE, DB, Conn_ID, Succ, (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(Time) + 0E0) AS timestamp, Query_time, Parse_time, Compile_time, Rewrite_time, Preproc_subqueries_time, Optimize_time, Wait_TS, Cop_time, LockKeys_time, Write_sql_response_total, Exec_retry_time, Mem_max, Disk_max, Txn_start_ts, Prev_stmt, Plan, Is_internal, Index_names, Stats, Backoff_types, User, Host, Process_time, Wait_time, Backoff_time, Get_commit_ts_time, Local_latch_wait_time, Resolve_lock_time, Prewrite_time, Wait_prewrite_binlog_time, Commit_time, Commit_backoff_time, Cop_proc_avg, Cop_proc_p90, Cop_proc_max, Cop_wait_avg, Cop_wait_p90, Cop_wait_max, Write_keys, Write_size, Prewrite_region, Txn_retry, Request_count, Process_keys, Total_keys, Cop_proc_addr, Cop_wait_addr, Rocksdb_delete_skipped_count, Rocksdb_key_skipped_count, Rocksdb_block_cache_hit_count, Rocksdb_block_read_count, Rocksdb_block_read_byte FROM `INFORMATION_SCHEMA`.`CLUSTER_SLOW_QUERY` WHERE Time BETWEEN FROM_UNIXTIME(?) AND FROM_UNIXTIME(?) ORDER BY Query_time DESC LIMIT 100


Why is this query so harmful?

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Large amount of normal data

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I export all using select limit 1.

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Currently not recommended usage practices

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You can go to the database and export the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CLUSTER_SLOW_QUERY table. Slow queries will be stored here.

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Your version has already fixed this bug. Try reducing the time range and see if the issue persists. If there are still problems within a very short time range, it is likely a bug.

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You can remove some old and unused slow logs to speed it up. Do you need to remove them from each TiDB node?

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I am indeed using version 5.4.0, the version above was selected incorrectly.

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Then upgrade it.

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What is the relationship between the table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CLUSTER_SLOW_QUERY and the local slow query file of TiDB, and which one is generated first?

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Check out this article I wrote: [link]. It specifically covers exporting slow SQL queries. The intervals need to be short because, during a failure, it’s common for billions of slow SQL queries to get stuck.

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The default value of tidb_distsql_scan_concurrency is 15.

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It is recommended to regularly archive the slow.log under TiDB.

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