Data Analysis Using TiDB

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There is an instance table with a field_info column, which is a JSON field. Each JSON is a map that defines some attributes of this instance: attribute values, each row is different. Now I want to classify instances according to field_info. For example, what values does the business attribute have among all instances, and what values does os_name have among instances where business = “game”. Is there a good solution for this using TiDB?

Currently using the following query:
SELECT DISTINCT JSON_EXTRACT(field_info, CONCAT(‘$’, ‘.’, ‘handsome’)) FROM instance WHERE (model_id = 576460752303423531 AND name = “test-589” ) AND JSON_CONTAINS(JSON_KEYS(field_info), JSON_ARRAY(‘handsome’)) != 0
When the data volume is large, it consumes a lot of time, and the fields used for analysis are uncertain, making it inconvenient to create indexes.

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Developers who store JSON fields in the database should be directly reprimanded. It may save them trouble, but it causes issues for others. Currently, the handling of JSON fields is relatively poor across various databases, and TiDB doesn’t have any good solutions either.

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