Data Migration (MySQL to TiDB): MySQL has 100 tables, and the pre-check for the migration task takes a long time. How to optimize?

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Original topic: 数据迁移(mysql->tidb),mysql有100张表,迁移任务前置检查花费很长时间,如何优化?

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I need to synchronize MySQL data to TiDB. The MySQL database has more than 100 tables. The pre-check of the migration task is stuck and unresponsive. I suspect it is because there are too many tables. How can I optimize this?

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Several people in the community have asked about this dmctl freezing issue, and it seems there aren’t many logs. Do you have any logs for this, from the dm worker node and dm master node?

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Do you have a lot of partitioned tables?

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First, check the configuration file and network status.

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You can reduce it by half and see if it’s possible to find out which tables have issues. Sometimes it’s just a problem with one table.

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When encountering such a hang, if the logs do not provide any hints, you should check the system call situation. To see where it is stuck, I recommend a tool: strace.
Reference command:

strace -f -F -o ~/straceout.txt $COMMAND
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Check the network status.

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Were these two posts made by the same person?

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If only migrating full data without considering incremental data, can we use mysqldump to export from MySQL and then import into TiDB, with 10 tables per task and 10 concurrent tasks? This way, the efficiency would be higher.

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Yes, the same issue.

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Without logs, on my side, it’s caused by having too many upstream and downstream tables. If only one table is synchronized, the check will be very fast.

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It can be done in batches.

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Try reducing the points.

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Try excluding the large table first.

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The probability of a network issue is higher.

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Try several tables at once.