Data Synchronization with DM: Mapping Upstream Field Data to a Different Value in Downstream Data

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Original topic: 数据同步dm,上游字段数据映射到下游数据时,改成另一个值

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Are there any methods to achieve data mapping during data synchronization with DM, where the upstream field data is changed to another value in the downstream data?
For example, if the upstream data is “男” (male), it becomes “male” in the downstream.

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I haven’t seen this feature configuration before, it seems like additional tools are needed for real-time modification.

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Currently, DM does not support this feature. If it is TiCDC, the downstream can modify the field content through Kafka before writing to the downstream database.

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Version 7.3 is said to be supported.

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Not really. This kind.

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Your TiDB version is outdated. There is no good solution for version 6.5.1.

In version 7.1, you can use generated columns to work around the issue.

use test;
  `f1` varchar(30) NOT NULL,
  `f1_en` VARCHAR(64) AS (case f1 when '男' then 'male' end) STORED -- Stored generated column, when the value of f1 is '男', the value here will be 'male'

insert into t(f1) values('男');

select * from t;

You can see that when you insert t1=‘男’, the expression set in the generated column will automatically generate a column with ‘male’.
In the absence of column permissions, you can use a view to replace f1 with f1_en.

DM keeps the inserted values unchanged.

Documentation on generated columns:

Some of my own practices:

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You can use SQL expressions to filter DML, but what you have here is a rewrite.