Data Synchronization

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Can TiDB use tools like Canal to detect data changes in real-time, just like MySQL?

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TiDB provides the TiCDC tool to capture data changes. Refer to: TiCDC 简介 | PingCAP 文档中心. See if it meets your needs.

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Can my downstream use Java to directly receive dynamic data changes?

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You can go to Kafka and then to Java.

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How about you try syncing to Kafka, Sync Data to Kafka | PingCAP Documentation Center

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The ticdc tool can achieve real-time monitoring of data changes and synchronize them to downstream.

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You can go to Kafka, and then consume it yourself.

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ticdc is used for incremental data synchronization.

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We use CDC to synchronize incremental data to MySQL, and then use other tools to synchronize it to various downstream systems.

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It seems that it can also be similar to Canal. Use TiCDC to send the incremental data to Kafka, and then create a prompt based on this. 同步数据到 Kafka | PingCAP 文档中心

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Use TiCDC to synchronize and write to Kafka, then use tools to consume and analyze.

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You can use CDC to synchronize to Kafka.

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