Data Transfer from TiDB to MySQL Results in Primary Key Conflict

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Original topic: 从TiDB->MySQL导数据,出现主键冲突

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Using the import and export data function of a database client tool (such as DBeaver) to import table data from TiDB to MySQL, with identical table structures and primary keys on both sides, there are always primary key conflicts when importing data in batches from TiDB to MySQL. Conversely, there are no primary key conflicts when importing data in batches from MySQL to TiDB. What is the reason for this? How can it be resolved?

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Could you share the table structures from both sides?

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It can’t be an auto-increment primary key, right?

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Take a screenshot.

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Conflicts usually indicate which key is involved, check to see why.

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This issue only occurs when importing data from TiDB to MySQL, regardless of whether the table has a TiFlash replica or whether the table’s primary key is a single primary key or a composite primary key. Conversely, importing data from MySQL to TiDB does not result in primary key conflicts.