Database Selection & Comparison

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Requirement Feedback
Recently, there is a need to evaluate databases, mainly comparing TiDB and GaussDB in production scenarios (focusing on OLAP data analysis and queries, with some real-time transaction scenarios OLTP) in terms of performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and official support.
[Issues Involved in the Requirement Scenario]
Production + TiDB 6.5.3 + 3PD 4TiKV 3TiDB
[Expected Requirement Behavior]
Everyone, where should we start? Are there any similar documents, technical tests, or related evaluation tools? I would appreciate any guidance from the experts :heart:

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You can refer to the official documentation:

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This was done before going live. The difficult part is that there is no equivalent environment for the time being, and they are all intranet environments.

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It’s done. For other issues, you can use real scenarios to create a POC to find out.

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Similar to this with special scenarios

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Just a note: GaussDB (xxxDB) is generally tied to each cloud platform, so it’s best to plan it together with your cloud platform strategy.

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  1. Benchmark Testing: Use industry-recognized database performance benchmarks such as TPC-H and TPC-DS to test and compare the query speed, concurrent processing capability, and throughput of both systems.
  2. Load Simulation: Simulate mixed OLAP and OLTP loads in an actual production environment to observe the performance of both systems under different workloads.
  3. Scalability Testing: Test the scalability and performance changes of the databases when adding nodes or storage capacity.
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There’s no need to compare them…

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Tested according to business requirements.