Deploying TiDB on Four Machines

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Original topic: 四台机子部署tidb

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Is this allocation reasonable?

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It feels like there are relatively few resources. TiDB can also be set up with 3 nodes, right? 3 TiDB, TiKV, and PD.

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If it’s a testing environment, you can try
tidb, tikv, pd
tidb, tikv, pd
tidb, tikv, pd, tiflash
monitoring, tiflash

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If there is no massive analysis, you can skip deploying TiFlash nodes.

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Yes, the resources are indeed quite limited, but these are the only ones.

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What was said above is correct. If you don’t have massive data analysis needs, there’s no need to deploy TiFlash. Otherwise, TiFlash and TiKV will have serious resource competition issues. If you’re just experimenting, you can limit the memory usage of each component.

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For a testing environment, I would prefer to divide it like this:

  • tidb, pd, monitoring
  • tikv
  • tikv
  • tikv
    This way, the tidb node doesn’t need too much storage.
    If tiflash is needed, place it on the tikv node.

If considering high availability:

  • tidb, pd, monitoring
  • tikv, tidb, pd
  • tikv, tidb, pd
  • tikv, tiflash
    tiflash generally doesn’t need high availability. Testing with one replica is sufficient.
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Boss, if a TiDB node goes down, how can it automatically switch to another node? Do we need to configure keepalived to achieve high availability?

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Testing is fine, but if it’s for production, there’s no need to use TiFlash with such limited resources.

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Okay, thank you. Should I set up a keepalived for this?

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All load balancing components can be used. HAProxy, Keepalived, etc. If you have an LB, that works too.

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Boss, if TiFlash is deployed on a separate node, can this resource contention issue be resolved?

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That should definitely be fine. It’s best not to deploy TiFlash and TiKV on the same node.

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Load balancing components, such as Nginx and HAProxy. Previously, we used Nginx, which can configure the access weight for each TiDB node.

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If there is no need for massive analysis, TiFlash can be disregarded.

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It is recommended to use separate nodes. Unless the machine configuration is particularly high, do not deploy them together.

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TiFlash can use a single node.

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Of course, it is possible. It is best to deploy TiFlash on a separate machine.

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Is this a production environment???

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You can consider connecting to TiDB through HAProxy, so that all TiDB server nodes can be used normally. If you use Keepalived, only one TiDB server will be able to provide services externally, which is not recommended.