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For TiKV nodes, using 3 nodes with 32 cores and 64GB each, or using 6 nodes with 16 cores and 32GB each, which deployment method offers better performance? Is it better to have fewer nodes with higher configuration, or more nodes with lower configuration?
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Multiple replicas also depend on your disk configuration and network configuration.

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It’s better to deploy virtual machines separately, and then adjust the memory and CPU configuration based on the actual load situation.

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Decisively take it apart, save yourself the trouble.

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:dotted_line_face: If deployed separately, the performance of a single node will be low, but resource isolation will prevent resource contention issues.

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Fewer nodes with higher configuration is better.

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If there are no network issues, then 6 nodes with 16 cores and 32GB each are definitely better, as you don’t need to worry about resource contention.

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6 nodes with 16 cores and 32GB of RAM each

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