Description of the tidb_binlog.checkpoint field

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Original topic: tidb_binlog.checkpoint 字段说明信息

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v4.0.6

Using pump/drainer for data synchronization, what does the tidb_binlog.checkpoint field in the downstream database mean?

How to check cluster_id?
In the checkpoint field of the tidb_binlog.checkpoint table, is primary-ts the source timestamp and secondary-ts the target timestamp?

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The method to check the cluster_id is as follows:
cat {{/path/to}}/pd.log | grep "init cluster id"

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Field Description: clusterID - Upstream cluster ID
checkpoint - Checkpoint and tsmap information

The cluster_id can be seen from the upstream monitoring PD => Cluster panel, or it can be seen using the pdctl tool cluster command.

In the tidb_binlog.checkpoint table, is the primary-ts in the checkpoint field the source timestamp and the secondary-ts the target timestamp?

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Primary-ts is the source timestamp, and secondary-ts is the target timestamp.

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secondary-ts is the timestamp of the target end.

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  1. Explanation of the tidb_binlog.checkpoint field in the downstream database when using pump/drainer for data synchronization?
  2. How to check cluster_id?
    Use pdctl and input cluster to check.


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What method can be used to convert this timestamp to time?

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Use the function SELECT TIDB_PARSE_TSO();.

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Take a look at this: TimeStamp Oracle (TSO) in TiDB | PingCAP Documentation Center

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pd-ctl can be used to view the cluster ID and perform TSO conversion. The mentioned select tidb_parse_tso() can also do this.

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