Detailed Introduction to TiDB Clinic Service Authorization Function

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Original topic: TiDB clinic service 授权功能详细介绍

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New Documentation Request

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  • Background:
    Many users, after collecting data using clinic and completing the upload, are unclear on how to authorize and share this collected data with users who are willing to help troubleshoot issues or with PingCAP official personnel, especially when asking questions in the community.

  • Expected Additions to Documentation and Placement:
    It is suggested to add the section on authorizing sharing to askTUG from the SOP article 【SOP 系列 22】TiDB 集群诊断信息收集 Clinic 使用指南&资料大全 - TiDB 的问答社区 into the official clinic introduction and authorization documentation. Additionally, note that IP information and other details will be exposed, and explain the situation.

The desired link to be added is as follows: 使用 PingCAP Clinic 生成诊断报告 | PingCAP 文档中心

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