Discovering the TiDB Community is Quite Interesting

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Original topic: 发现TIDB社区挺有意思的

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Newcomer here. Browsed through the success stories on the official website, and it was truly eye-opening. Although the financial industry has the highest technical difficulty and willingness to pay, TiDB has also done very well in other fields. It has a very impressive style. Additionally, I have learned some introductory courses. Even though they are just beginner-level, the instructors are very insightful and articulate, extremely professional. Moreover, the tools are very easy to use.

You can really learn a lot here. I hope to read more, think more, and learn more, and stick with it. I also hope that I can contribute to this community in the future.

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The teacher’s explanation is indeed good.

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This is a real technical open-source community!

Congratulations on discovering a new world, take your time to explore.

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A very good community.

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The community is a very good technical community where many questions and doubts can be answered. I also like to browse it when I have free time, as I feel I can learn a lot.

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If you have any issues, post them in the community technical questions section, and you will receive a timely response.

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The TiDB community is awesome.

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I really haven’t seen a domestic database community better than TiDB.

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To be honest, after working for so long, this is the first “yyds” community I’ve encountered.

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The key is all in Chinese :grin:

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Indeed, well said. Let’s work hard together!