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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] V7.5
[Encountered Issues: Phenomena and Impact] If production availability is estimated to take some time, for example:

  1. Backup management still lacks incremental backups, making it difficult to use with large clusters.
  2. Lack of logical backups.
  3. Platform objects include non-DBA roles (if opened for developer use, viewing monitoring, SQL diagnostics, etc., requires adding related read and write permissions to the platform).
  4. CDC capability integration.
  5. Issues regarding SQL Edit permissions.
  6. Other discussions…
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If operating with a blank screen:

  1. Platform permissions and roles
  2. Cluster project ownership
  3. Backup and recovery, point-in-time recovery
  4. Data migration integration such as DTS, CDC, DM, etc.
  5. SQL review
  6. Circuit breaker, termination of certain SQLs
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It’s not open source and there’s no free trial available, so I have no idea what the current state of TEM is.

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TEM is a component of TiDB Enterprise Edition and will not be open-sourced.

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Take a look.

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