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In the image, both simple queries and transactions need to go through the KV module. Since data needs to be fetched from TiKV rather than getting cached data from the KV module, why can’t these two types of queries directly forward the request to the TiKV client like complex queries? This could save the call chain and improve query efficiency, right?

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It should be that this diagram is not clearly explained.

You can take a look at this source code reading series.
The functions of these two modules are:

kv: KV engine interface and some common methods. The underlying storage engine needs to implement the interfaces defined in this package.
distsql: Abstraction of the distributed computing interface. This package isolates the logic between the Executor and the TiKV Client.

You can browse through the code under these two packages, and you will get a very clear sense.

So your conclusion is completely correct. The kv module is indeed the lowest-level interface.

Additionally, the kv module is not without caching; cachedb is under this package.


Both point_get and batch_point_get may use cachedb.

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Okay, I’ll come back to read the source code once I’ve mastered the Go language.

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If you have experience with other programming languages, I highly recommend this Go language tour:


Going through the language features is really fast. Personally, I feel it’s much quicker than learning from books or videos.

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Saved it, will study it when I have time…

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